Meeting Michael (25 mins)
Taster Footage of Feature Documentary (in edit)
IISE: The Dream Factory
In The Footsteps Of Pissarro: Sarah Butterfield
Glastonbury/V&A Archive: Tony Kidz Field
Idyllwild: a story of being (31 mins)
Last Of The Silk Artisans (30 mins)
Painting Light with Sarah Butterfield
Documentary Trailer for 'Big Al'


Following the making of the Carré Alchimique, the last of the true silk artisans of Lyon print this limited edition of silk scarves. 

Commissioned by Peau de Chagrin

Valerie and her daughter Simone suffer a strained relationship, even though they are all each other has since the multiple deaths in their immediate family. Mother and daughter struggle to relate to one another as they forge ahead - Valerie leading a charity which helps the parents of terminally-ill children and Simone as a chess guru, playing the game that her father taught her, as a means of her own survival.

Michael Eavis handed over the Glastonbury archives to the V&A Museum in 2014. Made in conjunction with filming the Glastonbury Festival for the V&A archives, this film documents Tony who started the Kidz Field at Glastonbury. He has been driving his iconic vintage bus to the festival, from his home in Wales, for over thirty years.

Stephen Walker's film "Big Al" was made for the BBC's Everyman series. This trailer was commissioned by the Brooklyn Film Festival, who held a special event screening of the film about controversial "activist", the Reverend Al Sharpton. 

Sarah Butterfield shows us around some of her favourite paintings at The National Gallery in London, before transcribing her version of Pissarro's 'Fox Hill, Upper Norwood'.

Sarah Butterfield charmingly demonstrates how to paint light by mixing tones.

'Meeting Michael' was commissioned by Peter Stern as a portrait of his younger brother. Michael had been institutionalised for practically his whole life - unable to speak and facing severe disabilities every day since birth. Through spending time with Michael in his residential home and through interviews with those nearest and dearest to him, we witness a delightful, charming, well-mannered and thoughtful man, who lives out his life as determined by others and restricted by his disabilities, yet in a contented and ethereal way.

"Lily" (currently in edit), is Gabrielle Levene's first feature-length documentary film and most personal project to date. It candidly throws the viewer into the world of her grandmother's last years of life, after turning one hundred years old. As they live together in Lily's old, time-capsule of a house, haunted by memories and a ruptured family unit, Gabrielle discovers a new-found bond with her grandmother, appreciating the artistic and philosophical sensibilities which they both share. Their relationship guides the audience through a sometimes uncomfortably intimate confrontation of care, old age, dementia, love, death and grief. Through making this film, Gabrielle Levene is pushed to examine her own complex family dynamics, whilst her grandmother reflects deeply and openly about life and death. An ultimately doomed battle with dementia and old age, punctuates the poignant moments of wisdom, humour and brutality which Lily shares during the dying of her light - to which she certainly does not go quietly.

The International Institute For Social Entrepreneurs, was set up by Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenbourg, after the success of their blind school in Tibet. Based on an eco-campus in Trivandrum, India, the institute invites participants from all over the world to come and learn the tools that they need to set up their own social enterprises when they return home after the ten month programme. Most of the participants are blind, disabled or from war-torn countries and have overcome adversity to realise their dreams in contributing to making the world a better place.

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Vice Guide To Siberia: Krokodil Tears 

Edited for Vice by: Gabrielle Levene

Presented by: Alison Severs

Directed by: Andy Capper

Head of production at Vice: Al Brown

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